Four Barrel Roasters

Walking into Four Barrel Coffee in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district is a bit like watching the narrative unfold in a Coen Brothers film; a meticulously composed set, a cast of charismatic characters, that perfect soundtrack serving as a soft backdrop against which the rhythm is set. Welcome to Jeremy Tooker's Four Barrel Coffee.

Front Roasters

San Francisco's Front Roasters are a relative newcomer to San Francisco's exploding coffee scene, but their meticulous attention to the finer details of roasting and a penchant for beautiful design have quickly brought them a loyal following. Set in the 'front' loading dock of an innovative robotics studio, the coffee shop serves as a gathering point for San Francisco's tech crowd.

The Curious Case of Christopher Calkins

The story of Chris Calkins is the fascinating story of specialty coffee in the United States. From his experiences in the 1960’s coffeehouses of Greenwich Village, to working with Starbucks before it became a coffee behemoth, to cupping with Alfred Peet - of Peet's Coffee, to hiring Doug Zell - of Intelligentsia Coffee fame, Chris has literally done it all. Click through to learn more about his incredible journey. 

A Study in Espresso

Espresso has come a long way from the steam-brewed, industrial concoction invented by the Italians at the turn of the 20th century for ‘economic and instantaneous’ coffee brewing. Today, with a little knowledge, willingness to experiment and some basic equipment, your morning espresso can be absolutely sublime. 

Counter Culture Coffee

We sit down with Katie Carguilo & Erin McCarthy of Counter Culture Coffee Co. for a chat about their awe-inducing flagship training center in downtown Manhattan. These two incredibly talented folks have been involved in the competitive coffee brewing scene for years and recently won the U.S. Barista Championship and the World Brewers Cup, respectively. Click through to learn more! 

A Portland Primer

Portland is known world wide as a coffee lover's paradise. Home to some of the planet's finest roasters, this Pacific Northwestern enclave boasts over forty roasteries for a relatively small population of only 600,000 people. We had the pleasure of visiting with Heart Roasters, Coava Coffee, Ristretto Roasters & Barista PDX. 

Toby's Estate, Williamsburg

Toby's Estate, a mainstay in the Australian speciality coffee community, has recently opened its flagship American cafe in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The combination of a welcoming, beautifully designed space and a fantastically friendly staff has seen the cafe quickly become a fixture in the bourgeoning New York coffee scene. We sit down with Allie Caran, head of Toby's coffee education program to chat about coffee, glass-blowing and Aussies in America.  

Campfire Coffee, San Francisco

There are few better places to be in the world than San Francisco in the fall. While the rest of the country is settling into their sweaters and wooly socks, we're easing into a gorgeous Indian Summer. In celebration, we hosted our first Campfire Coffee event at the Ocean Beach bonfire pits. Coffee and donuts for all! 

Pulley Collective, Red Hook

In an old shipping warehouse overlooking New York Harbor, Steve Miersch is quietly revolutionizing the coffee industry. He’s the founder of Pulley Collective, a communal roastery thats enabling coffee entrepreneurs to compete with the big boys in a variety of innovative ways. Click through the learn more!  

A Barista's Eduction, in Three Acts

Ever wonder what it takes to be a top shelf barista in a coffee mecca like San Francisco? Well, just trust us when we say that being a barista in this town is not a game for novices... Having just spent a full day working through Intro Barista Training at Four Barrel Coffee Co., our heads are swimming with numbers, our fingers scalded from mishandling equipment, and we've got the shakes all over from tasting our many mishaps and concoctions.

Joe Pro Shop, NYC

Managing Joe’s Pro Shop in NYC is not your average cafe gig, and Brendan Mullally oversees it all like a pro - trainings, classes, multiple roaster offerings and some tricked out hardware. The five year Joe veteran sat down to discuss philosophy degrees, the benefits of consumer education and the looming $10 cup of coffee.

Ninth Street Espresso

As the general manager of Ninth Street Espresso in New York, Trey Wrage’s (yes, pronounced “rage”) cool and intellectual demeanor completely undermines his surname. He oversees some of the coolest coffeeshops in NYC, with locations in Chelsea market, the Lombardi hotel in midtown as well as – you guessed it – Ninth St. (in Alphabet City)